Saturday, January 31, 2009

1.5 Update (month 1/week 5)

Ok, Like I said, I will be posting weekly and monthly updates tracking my gym activity. This first one will actually be a little over a week but since we started going late last week, it is not worth making an additional post for that.

Anyway, like I mentioned the fitlinxx system that the YMCA uses is accessible online and provides updates and all kinds of charts.

What this shows is how many visits, how much combined weight, calories, and how much cardio time I recorded.
I think that one thing that would help my add up the calories (apples as displayed) and hopefully loose some weight would be to do some more walking/jogging.
Looking at my wife's results it shows that since she has done almost entirely cardio, she has almost met up with my calories after only 2 (?) recorded visits.
Well this should do for now. If nothing else, I will add a similar update in a week.
Wish me luck.

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